Best Travel Hair Dryer: Small but powerful wins the day!

Best Travel Hair Dryers - 5 worth choicesIn this day and age, we want to travel with our home luxuries at close hand. Unfortunately most hair dryers are too big to take with you all the time… this is where buying the best travel hair dryer you can afford becomes so important!

Travel hair dryers are examples of useful gadgets that travelers use regularly for their everyday beauty treatments.

The principal thing to be at the top of the priority list while picking a travel hair dryer is size.

They ought to be both lightweight and smaller, with features like foldable handles and retractable cords as an extra reward.

How you select the features relies on your budget and your styling choices.

Whatever your need might be, you will get the best solution below.

Best Travel Hair Dryers: 5 options at a glance

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Things to Consider When Buying a New Travel Hair Dryer

1. Estimate

You may like your full-size hairdryer however in the time that you would love to take it with you when traveling, it may take up big space in your bag.

Size is essential for any hair dryer that you need to take with you as you go to various destinations.

2. Weight

It doesn’t make a difference if you have a small hair dryer that is easy to pack if it is as heavy as a bowling ball.

Some compact hair dryers can be weighty because of the engines that power them. So guarantee you know the heaviness of any travel hair dryer.


Some travel hair dryers are pleasant and compact yet they are also woefully underpowered. To ensure you to think about the power while picking hair dryer.

4. Portability

Some of the companies produce their travel blow dryers with add-ons or features that make them more portable when traveling. An example of this of this is a folding handle that let that hair dryer to consume less space when pressed.

5. Negative ion coatings

Frizz, split ends and dull hair are on the issues that you can come across if you use a poorly designed blow dryer on your hair.

Static electricity can also critically inhibit your ability to style your hair.

A blow dryer that makes negative ions as it works tends to counter all these issues.

That is the reason interior coatings that promote negative ion generation are better than average to have any travel blow dryer that you buy.

5 of the best travel hair dryers available

The BaBylissPRO travel hair dryer is a standout amongst the most well-known hair dryers for travel. It might be small yet it is powerful. This small hair dryer packs a strong 1000 watts.

The hair dryer is promoted as using gemstones to emotions to dry the hair. The hair dryer dries a quicker than standard travel hair dryers and can spare your hair from harm.

The functions work exactly as they should regardless of where you use the hairdryer, which some travel hair dryers battle with. There has been some mix-up about the heat and speed settings.

This hair dryer combines both heat and speed with the two settings altogether. Lamentably, this model does exclude a cool shot component.

The hair dryer includes a switch enabling you to change the voltage from 125 to 220 watts which implies you won’t require a voltage connector when using it abroad. The hair dryer can be used with the BaBylissPRO diffuser and includes a concentrator connection.


  • It has a removable filter cover that enables users to get access to the filter in case of replacement.
  • It has a protecting cover that keeps hair from getting sucked into the dryer.
  • Its measurements are 5.5 x 3.1 x8.9 inches and are light with an overall weight of 1 pound.
  • It has a power rating of 1000 watts.


  • It is extremely lightweight and small in size.
  • It works relatively quickly and tangible results can be observed in a relatively short amount of time.
  • It has a long power cord and this allows the user to move around freely


  • It is not suited for people with long hair
  • When the settings on the voltage selector are set to 220 volts, it tends to disable the high speed/ heat setting.
  • The diffuser tends to fall off from time to time due to the high-pressure airflow
  • The dryer has a protective feature that shuts it down after 5 minutes of continuous use to avoid overheating.

What others are saying:

This tiny little dryer is amazingly powerful, but more importantly, it’s a real travel dryer. Unlike so many other so-called travel dryers, ALL the function settings on this dryer work overseas EXACTLY as they do in the US. It’s the smallest travel dryer I’ve ever seen, taking up just a little more space than a soup can when folded up, weighs only 10.5 ounces, and sports a 60-in cord (yes, 5 feet!) for reaching the not-always-convenient plug locations found in overseas hotels, B&Bs, apartments, etc.

The JINRI 1875W Travel Hair Dryer is a small dryer, intense and beautiful to take a look at. Amazon reviewers cherish its pale pink and white color, while a foldable handle means that it packs away to 9.45″ x 5.5″ x 4.72″.

It’s simple to store, because of the removable concentrator and a hanging loop on the power cord. In spite of its little size, you can expect an indistinguishable performance as you would from a bigger dryer. Its 1,875-watt engine is calm yet powerful, delivering enough airflow to dry your hair record time.

A dial on the handle enables you to switch between 125V and 250V, making the dryer perfect for worldwide travel. There are two heat settings (although only one works when the dryer is dialed to 250V).

When you are done, utilize the cool shot button to set your style by exposing it to a blast of cool air. The best part is that the dryer’s ceramic tourmaline air outlet discharges negative ions, which prevent positive water ions and help to prevent frizzing – keeping your hair shinier and sleeker than ever.


  • Dual voltage so it can be utilized anywhere
  • 8 M long and 360-degree swivel power cord for easy use
  • Foldable handle for simple storage and convey
  • Cool shot button


  • Easily foldable for easy storage and carry
  • Infrared heat
  • 9 Foot of cord for easy operation
  • Ideal for all types of hair
  • 2 Speed and 2 Heat settings
  • Built with Ceramic Ion technology


  • Attachments are a little complex
  • Some users have also complained about its voltage switching

What others are saying:

This compact little dryer is amazingly powerful, but more importantly, it’s a real travel dryer. Unlike so many other so-called travel dryers, ALL the function settings on this dryer work overseas EXACTLY as they do in the US. It’s a small travel dryer I’ve had in a while.

A standout amongst the most popular hair dryers for travel is the Conair 1875 Watt Compact Folding Handle, and it is easy to see the reason why. This hair dryer is small however powerful for a travel hair dryer and is a phenomenal choice for travel.

In addition, it is suitable for daily use.

The hair dryer does a good job of keeping hair looking awesome and you can feel the power of the higher wattage being used – it is one of the most effective travel hair dryers.

Notwithstanding, the directions state to just utilize it on low setting when traveling international yet it functions good enough to keep to this.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • The hair dryer has a foldable handle making it ultra-versatile and a double voltage switch meaning you won’t need a voltage connector.
  • The hair dryer can also be used for frosty air to include extra style, but the button must be held down to be used which can be frustrating.


  • Lightweight and very portable
  • Cool shot button
  • 2 heat/speed settings perfect for all hair type
  • Dual Voltage – great for travel
  • 5-foot power cord
  • Removable filter for easy maintenance and cleaning


  • A bit noisy

What others are saying:

I spent entirely too much time researching a portable small hand dryer that I could take to Europe….but I am glad I bought this one. It is so nice and compact and light. When I first opened it, I thought, wow this looks a bit flimsy – how could it possibly dry my hair all that well. Well, I was wrong. It is exceedingly efficient and every bit as powerful as my larger 1875 watt that I have at home.

Andis Ionic Hair Dryer has turned out to be exceptionally most loved hair dryer. Furthermore, the reason is its outcome. Andis is being used in very nearly 90 nations so you can get the thought, about its fame around the world.

Equipped with the most recent Ionic technology, Andis hair dryer is also designed with a folding handle and retractable handle so it can be easy to store and transfer. It comes along with a three airspeeds/heat control for ultimate styling.

Andis 1875-Watt is the product you will love to use. Its modern and compact styling are enough reason to attract you. Its super work will be an added feature to love it more.


  • 3 airspeeds/heat for ultimate control and styling
  • Folding handle and a retractable cord for easy storage and carry
  • Immediate outcomes accomplished
  • Compact and effective


  • Folding handle that makes the machine even smaller
  • 3 Preset operating system
  • Ionic process that makes hair frizz free
  • It has a cool shot button


  • Folding option is quite delicate

What others are saying:

After using this hair dryer model in a hotel and being very pleased with it, I found it on Amazon and bought one for myself. I was very happy with it up until it just stopped working after only 8 months of use. I took very good care of the hair dryer.

The Revlon 1875W Compact Travel Hair Dryer is the ideal alternative for budget travelers. At 9.4″ x 7.2″ x 3.4″, it is superbly reduced, while the 1.2-pound weight has little effect to your packing.

In any case, the dryer is shockingly best in class at its price tag. The 1,875-watt engine dries your hair in by no time, while two different heat settings enable more control over the drying procedure.

When you are done, make use of the cold shot button to set your style in place.

Other advantages include a removable filter cap, an anti-slip grip on the handle, and a hanging loop on the power cord for simple storage.


  • Compact and lightweight plan
  • Worldwide double voltage for appropriate use
  • Coated with 3X ceramic that helps to prevent hair from over styling
  • 2 heat settings and 2 Speed setting for greatest style control
  • Attachment included for smoothing concentrator
  • Equipped with Ionic technology


  • Powerful, compact, and good value
  • It doesn’t require a voltage converter
  • Quick drying time
  • Various settings for all type of hair
  • Easy storage


  • Diffuse attachment is not included
  • It is a little bit noisy
  • Pivoting switch is quite hard to use

What others are saying:

For a one-off inexpensive dryer, this one is great. I’ve used it several times. It’s not too loud, has a removable back so you can clean the lint out of it! Three settings (off, warm, hot and cool), which is perfect for me. If you want a simple and low maintenance dryer, look no further.

Conclusion: The final verdict on travel hair dryers

If you would like to dry your hair and style it every day and you travel, you seriously need to consider getting your own compact and lightweight travel dryer to take with you.

It is convenient to use a dryer on your hair consistently that you know about the settings it takes to give your hair the look you need.

Producers of travel hair dryers put many features in them that make them great these days as their full-size counterparts.

The best travel hair dryer will still allow you to dry and style your hair faster every day.

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